About me

I am an artist researcher and currently a doctoral candidate at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. I studied History, Political Science and Sociology at the Universities of Freiburg and Oregon/Eugene (US), Dance/Choreography at the School for New Dance Development, and com­pleted my M. A. in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam. Working as an independent dancer since 2002, I trained and cooperated intensely with Body Weather Amsterdam in the performance project ‘Something Here That Is Not There’. I live with my family in Berlin and coordinate AREAL (Artistic Research Lab) Berlin.

The subject of my doctoral artistic research is the impact of Body Weather performance training on the  process of perception and the performability of the performer: How does the training change or alter the process of perception? What are the modes of knowing that are created and enacted by this training and performance practice? How can these modes of knowing be articulated?