Research Pilot Project: “Embodied Research in a Digital Environment:The ‘Research Catalogue’ as an Extended Studio?”

With the Research Catalogue, the Society for Artistic Research has created an open-access rich media online platform that enables artists and researchers worldwide to archive, document and arrange their work materials free of charge and make them accessible to their colleagues and the interested public.

This fall, in a joint pilot project together with co-researchers and artists Andrea Keiz, Josh Rutter and Paula Kramer, I will explore a slightly different approach to the Research Catalogue:

Can the RC be more than a medium for archiving and (self-)publishing artistic research? Can the RC be expanded into a studio, a laboratory where embodied research is not only published digitally, but where further experimentation with the research material on display can take place in embodied modes? What happens in the reception of artistic research at the interface with this particular digital space, and what insights can be gained from the process of translating the digital back into the physical?

The outcomes of this pilot shall be published open access in the Research Catalogue in early 2022.

The project is funded by a research grant from the Berlin Senate


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