“Artistic Research: Is There Some Method?” – Book out now

Two years after the conference in Prague, the book, edited by Alice Koubová and Daniela Jobertová, is finally published!

With contributions by Daniela Jobertová (Foreword) Alice Koubová (Introduction), Teemu Mäki, Kent Sjöström, Joa Hug (‘No Solutions: The Research Score as a Medium of Artistic Research’), Tanja Gesell, Julian Klein, Bruce Brown, Janhavi Dhamankar, Michal Rataj, Gunter Lösel, Emilie Gallier, Jina Lee, and Michele Feder-Nadoff.

Many thanks for supporting me in the process of writing go to Zoé Goldstein, Paula Kramer, Leena Rouhiainen and, as always, my partner – Dagmar Frohning.



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