On the poetics of form in artistic research: Release of ‘Nivel’

“How do form and sense come to play in artistic research?
How to transpose materiality, corporeality and/or ephemerality of artistic or pedagogic practice into research exposition or commentary?
How to approach writing in a way that reflects and benefits the processes of artistic research?”

These are some of the questions raised by the call for contributions to the 8th and most recent issue of Nivel, a web-based publication by the Theatre Academy Helsinki. Eight expositions, written and created mainly by doctoral students of the Performing Arts Research Centre of the Theatre Academy, “explore these and other related questions through different approaches to writing, video, audio, photography, and interactive media”, as the editors Outi Condit and Liisa Jaakonaho write.

This issue of Nivel not only celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Performing Arts Research Centre, but it also “presents an up-to-date perspective on artistic research, focusing mainly on performing arts, and describes the specific nature of the research orientation currently hosted at Tutke”, as Esa Kirkkopelto (head of the post-doc programme) and Leena Rouhiainen (head of doctoral studies) state in their preface.

“To call that ‘writing’?” is my contribution to this issue – and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at Tutke and the Theatre Academy, to my colleagues at AREAL Berlin and to the Body Weather community, for supporting, in various ways, my doctoral research during the past years.



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