Presentation of my 2nd Artistic Part of the Doctorate at the University of the Arts Helsinki

hug_0629201636_2mb“Reflecting with practice. The research score as a medium of artistic research”.

My doctoral research investigates the epistemic potential of the ‘Manipulations’, one of the core practices of ‘Body Weather’ performance training. This presentation is the second artistic part of my doctorate. It concludes a series of 3 workshops conducted in collaboration with a group of 5 artist-researchers who I invited to put my research to the test and to explore the further development of the Manipulations into a medium of artistic research – the ‘research score’.

The research score started out as an embodied practice to explore and reflect on the impact of the Manipulations on the performer’s perceptual process and modes of knowing. In the course of the research the focus of my investigation shifted from the Manipulations to the research score itself as the main epistemic object. At the same time, the research score evolved from a method to reflect on the practice of the Manipulations into a medium that enables a mode of reflecting with practice.

The objective of the workshop series is to enable a critical (re-)examination of the progression and preliminary outcomes of my research by my fellow artist-researcher colleagues. From their perspectives, what are the questions and issues that are activated by my practice-as-research? How do they see the relationship between the research practice and its written articulation: What are the gaps and the implicit assumptions, and what are the lines of flight?

The aim of the collaborative research is not to eliminate but to produce and proliferate differences in order to arrive at a more differentiated and multi-vocal articulation of the proposition that is made by my artistic research.

With Outi Condit, Tashi Iwaoka, Paula Kramer, Josh Rutter and Riikka T. Innanen

When: October 1st, 4pm

Where: Studio 523, Theatre Academy Helsinki, Haapaniemenkatu 6, 00530 Helsinki

Entrance is free, but it is necessary to register here


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